GTA Online is getting more and more popular every day. GTA Online has a strong online community on Reddit with over 1.1 million members.

The GTA Online subreddit is updated daily with exciting content from the community, with some posted tips and tricks while others are purely for hilarious reasons.

With over a million members on the GTA Online subreddit, it's safe to say that r/GTAOnline is full of interesting discoveries.

The community helps players daily by posting the location of collectibles, patch notes, and many other useful tips.

5) Circuit Breaker Fail

The funny clip was shared by Redditor U/Donkphin in which he shows how new players make silly mistakes that lead to mission failures.

4) Fake AFK showdown

In this clip from u/Rastafire5, he shows how players in GTA Online take advantage of opportunities to knock someone down.

3) Getting rid of cops

Redditor u/helljumperCS posted a picture of a comparison between the trailer for Forza Motorsport 3, which was released in 2009, and GTA 5 Expanded & Enhanced, which will be out around 2022.

2) Exploding KDJ

It's no secret that most of the community dislikes the new side characters Sesanta and KDJ. Many players have trouble hearing their abusive behavior and dirty talk during Autoshop missions.

1) Last man standing

In footage shared by Redditor u/sOrSuky, the player shows how he and his crew were killed during a mission, and the last surviving hacker.