Top 5 tips for fishing in Minecraft 1.19

Multiple Blue Rings

Since there's some depth fishing in Minecraft, it doesn't hurt to look for things that can optimize the amount of time players spend doing so.  There are a few things to remember when fishing to get some treasure or fish.

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Behind the Scenes

When choosing a fishing location in Minecraft, biomes come in handy a lot.  Depending on the fish caught within the biome players can find various treasure items and fish.

Player positioning is irrelevant

Unlike biome selection, the placement of players does not affect the game while fishing.  Minecraft players can also fish from boats, on solid land, or even while walking in the water themselves.

Exposure to sunlight and moonlight

Some Minecraft players may have noticed that their fishing time takes significantly longer in caves or underground.  This is because Minecraft's code doubles the bite time if the fishing pole's bobber is not under direct sunlight or moonlight.

Rain improves speed

While fishing in closed spaces without natural light slows down the catch, fishing in the rain improves the catch.  If it is raining on a bobber, the catch speed is improved by 20%.

Know your enchantments

Unbreaking and mending enchantments apply to fishing rods as they do other items, but Luck of the Sea is a different story.

This attraction increases the chance for players to reel in treasure items.  However, this also reduces the chances of fish bites.

If players want to circumvent this issue, bringing along several fishing rods may not be a bad idea.  One can be enchanted by options like Unbreaking or Mending, while the other can be chutzed with by Luck of the Sea.

In this way, players can alternate their rod choices depending on whether their goal is to catch fish or haul treasure from the deep.