Top 5 speedrun seeds for Minecraft PE 1.19 update


Minecraft is, if not, one of the fastest moving games ever.  There are thousands of speedruns across different versions and platforms of the game, as well as variants to build worlds with set seeds and random seeds.

While Minecraft's random seed category relies more on quick thinking and RNGs, set seed runs are a different breed altogether.  They operate more like traditional speedruns, relying on the player's ability to perform the tasks they require in the fastest way possible.


“Ruined” Portal

The seed for “Ruined” Portal is: -8272096027667337428 Nether Fortress: -565, 263 Stronghold: -2193, 1258


Iron Villages

The seed for Iron Villages is: 112835712333917405 Stronghold: 630, -253 Bastion: 25, 37 Blaze Spawner: -54, 80


Desert Village Spawn

The seed for Desert Village Spawn is: 5171135490219886018 Village: 360, 232 Treasure Bastion (Nether): -112, -240 Stronghold: -2092, 1297


Diamond Blacksmith

The seed for Diamond Blacksmith is: 9665390276121893 Portal Room: 195, 849 Blaze Spawner: -78, 38 Bastion Treasure: 7, 71


Quad Blacksmith and Portal Spawn

The seed for Quad Blacksmith and Portal Spawn is: 335231559228961104 Portal Room: 752, -292 Bastion (Nether): 83, 26 Nether fortress: 78, -61


Exposed Stronghold Seed

The relationship between the Java world and the strongholds is not good.  For starters, you can't find a stronghold close to spawn, and when you do, it's usually buried in such strange places that you can search for lava before the portal.


Best Nether Spawn in Minecraft 1.19

Seed Code: 1922293527921436389 Spawn Biome: Forest Blaze Spawner Coordinates: 110, 77, 44


Mansion, Ruined Portal, and Village at Spawn

Our best speedrun seed for Minecraft 1.19 offers a series of lucky glitches at the spawnpoint itself.  You get a huge plain village to collect all the food supplies and beds you need for the final battle.