Top 5 High Quality Marvel Games For Android In 2022

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has grown exponentially over the past 10 years, and because of this, a lot of games based on it have been released.

They cover a range of genres from action RPGs to turn-based strategy and even puzzles.  In this article, we are going to list the best Marvel games for Android

 1 - Strike Force

In Marvel Strike Force, players will assemble the ultimate squad of Marvel characters, including both superheroes and supervillains, to fight and save the universe.

 2 - Realm of Champions

Realm of Champions is the newest Marvel game on this list.  It's an action-RPG PVP battle, similar to a MOBA game for Android, but without the boring part.

3 - Marvel Puzzle Quest

Puzzle Quest is one of the most popular games on Google Play.  Companies are creating various byproducts for it: from Magic the Gathering, Adventure Time, and of course, Marvel.

4 - Future Fight

Future Fight is an Action RPG with characters from the wondrous universe.  Similar to Realm of Champions, you collect, upgrade, and fight against the bad guys as you collect multiple Marvel heroes and villains.

5 - Contest of Champions

Contest of Champions is a turn-based fighting game where you collect Marvel characters and use them to fight the bad guys.  This is the oldest game on this list.

 Marvel Future Revolution

Marvel Future Revolution is another free game from Marvel that includes some subtle transactions.  Nonetheless, the game offers a vast open world for the players to explore.

 Marvel Super War

Entering the list of Marvel-based smartphone games is Marvel Super War.  The game was released in 2019, and it still has a strong player base today.

Marvel Future Fight

From console and PC gaming, we move to a game for smartphones.  Marvel Future Fight is an exceptionally well made game.  There are over 200 of your favorite Marvel characters to choose from in this role-playing game.