Top 5 fan-requested fixes for GTA Online to improve gameplay ❤️

With the recent announcement of GTA Online's summer update, Rockstar Games has confirmed that it will fix a number of issues.  Fans have been pleased with the announcement, as the developers are set to address the many concerns plaguing the title.

However, there are still some enhancements pending in GTA Online, fans believe.  Thus, here is a list of five of the most fan-requested fixes for GTA Online.

Top 5 issues with GTA Online that fans really want to see get fixed


Balanced Weapons And Vehicles

This game wouldn't be GTA without powerful and fun to use vehicles and weapons.  However just because they are powerful and fun to use doesn't mean they have to be ridiculously overpowered like they are currently in the game.


Better Servers

Better servers for each player on each console would be better because there are so many problems with them.  Players are sick of missing out on matches and waiting for 20 minutes to load back up and this needs to be addressed immediately.


Improved Cop AI

Cops in GTA have been bad since the first game and although it's hard to build the right AI, that doesn't necessarily have to be an excuse.  Fans just want them to act a little more realistic and not have them chase 20 cars at once.


More Heists

Rockstar has added more heists to the game over the years, though that doesn't change the fact that there are still very few and the ones in the game are very similar to each other.


The Wheel Spin At The Casino

Wheelspin in the casino has a bunch of awesome prizes for players to collect and although this is not an issue on the surface as it should be


More Reasons To Use Boats

Boats are in the game and players have a bunch of different people who are able to buy and ride.  There's very little reason to actually travel by boat, with the exception of a few different missions in the game.