Top 5 best looking cars in the history of the GTA series

While superficiality is rejected (as it should be) in real life, it is considered, even encouraged, fairly standard in the GTA series.

There are many good looking vehicles in the GTA series.  Actually, some are so easy on the eyes, their performance doesn't even matter

This article takes a look at 5 vehicles players could buy, even if they were a total dud on the fast track.

5 best looking cars from the GTA series

5 best looking cars from the GTA series

Übermacht Zion Classic

Coming with over seventy-five customization options, bermacht Zion Classic offers a player a lot to choose from.

 Benefactor Schlagen GT

With the beneficial Schlagen GT, players can take abstract routes and customize the vehicle to look as crazy as they are.

Annis Savestra

The Annis Savestra can be turned into any sportsman's dream race car with some great levers and tons of customization options.

 Enus Jubilee

If you're the 1% of the 1% who leave your mansion for the great outdoors, then you need an SUV that's packed with the luxuries you won't.