Top 5 Apex Predators in Apex Legends

Apex Legends has become one of the most competitive battle royale games out there today. There is a lot in this game for casual players.

However, competitive gamers have not been kept in the dark. Ranked Battle Royale is a highly competitive game mode where players of similar skill level play against each other.

Players battle it out for the top title of Apex Predator. Apex Legends has seven rank tiers in this game mode - Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master and Apex Predator.

The list below includes the top five top hunters in the first division of Battle Royale, ranked in Season 10.


xEffect is a 16 year old Russian streamer. He is at the fifth position in this list with a rank score of 51,705. He was the number one ranked Apex Predator in Seasons 8, 9, and 10. 

Joseph “Frexs” Sanchez

Joseph "Frax" Sanchez is an American professional Apex Legends player currently playing for Spacestation Gaming.

Mark “Dropped” Thees

Mark "Dropped" Theis is an American professional Apex Legends player who represents Spacestation Gaming.

Jacob "HisWattson" McMillin

Jacob "His Watson" McMillin is an American professional Apex Legends player for TSS. He is currently the number two Apex Predator with a rank score of 75,187.

Keon “Keoon” Berghout

Keon "Kyun" Bergout is an American Dreamer who was a former junior college basketball player. He gave up his basketball scholarship after receiving an Associates degree.