Top 10 UPCOMING Games Announced Last Year [4K]

Ever wanted a game where you play as a little street cat? Well, now is your chance. It's Maverick, and as the title suggests, you play as a stray kitty exploring a cyberpunk world full of robots.


As Dusk Falls is an interactive drama with unusual visuals, where you trace the lives of two families over 30 years.

As Dusk Falls

It's time to design and run your own college, complete with appropriately whimsical and totally bonkers classes, like a night school.

Two Point Campus

We have played many skating games before, but we have never seen this kind of skating game. Rollerdrome is set to launch later this year from Roll7 and the Private Division – the team behind the excellent Ollioli World.


Saints Row is back with a full reboot of the series. You'll be building Saints from the start, playing as the boss with a small group of friends from the very beginning.

Saints Row

Prepare yourself to become precious with Lord of the Rings: Gollum, a brand new game from Daedalic Entertainment where you play, surprisingly, as Gollum.

Lord of the Rings: Gollum

As Neil Druckmann described it during Summer Game Fest, The Last of Us Part 1 is set to be the "definitive version" of the first game.

The Last of Us Part 1 

It's time to rekindle the ink with Splatoon 3, which is dropping exclusively on the Nintendo Switch later this year.

Splatoon 3

From sunset skies to meadows, what we've seen about the season so far in the official trailer (opens in new tab) looks absolutely gorgeous.


First revealed at BlizzCon 2019, multiplayer team-based first-person shooter Overwatch 2 is set to focus more on storytelling than its precursor based on its new story missions.

Overwatch 2