Top 10 best Starter Pokemon


Rounding out the base of the top ten is the totodile. This lovable reptile had a reputation for putting its jaws on almost everything in anime. 


This Generation VIII fire starter quickly made a name for itself. Despite a somewhat limited number of moves, Scarabney and its eventual evolution Syndress have plenty of options for hurting their opponents.


Despite being one of the oldest Pokémon on the list, Bulbasaur remains relevant in the competitive scene and in the hearts of players.


The evolutionary line of Piplup works well both offensively and defensively. He has a powerful special attack stats that turn Hydro Pump and Flash Cannon into lethal options.


Although this Pokémon's development line is a bit on the stranger side, Litten proves itself as a viable starter option.


Torch's humble beginnings as a playful girl make this a wacky Pokémon at first.


In Sinnoh Beginnings, Chimchar is the most competitively viable. With access to a variety of impressive fighting- and fire-type moves, it develops into an easy teammate.


This starter was a big meme Pokémon back in the day. However, these memes served to make little Mudskipper fall in love with him instead.


Charmander's status as an icon in the series is undeniable. Furious Lizard was the top pick for many of the first Pokémon fans out there, and it's one of the most memorable debuts to date.


When it first debuted, no one expected this simple frog Pokémon to become such an impressive force.

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