Pokemon GO Best Pokemon to Max Out (2022 Edition)

coach!  The global Pokémon Go Fest event is finally on for 2022!  Featuring gameplay on a global scale, people around the world will be able to enjoy Go Fest's extravaganza!

Unlike the previous 2Go Fest events with (most) people being able to go out without any restrictions, this year promises to be more fun than ever.

But like any Go Fest, 2022 is also rich with loads of amazing spawns and raid bosses, which are exclusively featured in Niantic's official Go Fest 2022 post.


Magnemite is not an unusual spawn in general but it is still a very good mon to catch in any event.  The number of resistances for any Pokémon in Magnezone is a staggering 12.

 Alolan Grimer

This rainbow monster who is a terrifying force in GL and UL meta.  It's heavy, a good move, and can carry its weight even in unfavorable matchups.


When Drillbar was first released, Excadrill quickly surpassed even the famous Groudon in DPS with its Mud-Slap + Drill Run set in the PvE scene.


There are many reasons to hold XU at Go Fest 2022.  For starters, it's one of the rarest monsters in the game.


While Torkoal doesn't place much value in any meta, it is an excellent opportunity for ticket holders to catch up on this regional.  And who doesn't love Torkol after seeing Ash in the anime?


Go Fest or not, we all love Mudkipz, right?  Swampert is a Swiss Army Knife in Pokemon Go.