Top 10 Best Roblox Adventure games Games 2022

Little World

Certainly as the weirdest of the bunch, Little World places players in the body of a ladybug, forcing them to travel through various boss-filed areas of the game without dying.

Dragon Adventures

With over 298 million visits, Dragon Adventures is a competitive multiplayer game that emphasizes adventure over everything.

Build a Boat to Survive!

Build a boat to survive! Only for the most resourceful players. Given a small budget, sailors will be tasked with building their own customizable boat to sail to other areas of the sport.

Scary Elevator 2

Scary Elevator 2 picks up where the original left off, with tens of new stages to watch. For those unfamiliar, it's a multiplayer title that puts you and a dozen others in an elevator.

Escape Inflatable Obby!

If you've played most of the popular Obi puzzle games, you can taste something new with Escape Inflatable Obi!

Flood Escape 2

This 2017 sequel continues the stellar map design of the original, but with 36 more new locations to cross.

Hide and Seek Extreme

A classic childhood game with a funny twist, Hide and Seek Extreme sets itself apart from the others, with the idea that each player is only a few inches tall in its massive model home map.

Fishing Simulator

If platformer and horror titles aren't your cup of tea, then Fishing Simulator is an enjoyable title that allows players to explore the ocean at their own pace.

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