Top 13 Best Mech Robot Games For Android & iOS

Multiple Blue Rings

There are people who love fighting games, and then there are others who love robot fighting games.  Movies like Real Steel and games based on the film have sparked public interest in scrapers, which involve domination and two mean machines fighting for supremacy.

However, there are not many such games on Android.  You can find some free-to-play games that allow gamers to build their own machine and control it to fight larger-than-life scrapers.  All these are available on Google Play Store

1. Real Steel Boxing Champions

Real Steel Games popularized the robot fighting genre and inspired game developers to create their own machine vs machine brawlers.  Champions is the second game in the series that lets you build your average machine to fight other mechs in the boxing arena.

2. Turbine Fighter

In Turbine Fighter, players are the proud owners of "Tankbots" - turbine-powered toy robots.  Tankboat fighting sport is very popular in Rasen City, but it has a mysterious past.  The story unfolds level by level as you fight rival robot bosses and destroy them to pieces.

3. Iron Kill

There are some amazing looking robots in Iron Kill.  You can collect over 30 of them and use them to fight against AI and human players.  You can upgrade your fighter planes as well as upgrade them to enhance their attacks.

Ultimate Robot Fighting

3 vs 3 fighting system, amazing cel-shaded visuals, Injustice-like game mechanics, and lots of metal scrapers.  What else do you want?  Ultimate Robot Fighting (URF) combines the intensity of a competitive fighting game with the collectible card game genre.

5. Battle Robots!

Battle Robots of ColoPl!  The fighting game brings a nice cartoon twist to the genre.  And yes it lets you build your own robot from parts dropped by enemies.

Robot Car

This is actually a robot game car which has 4.5 rating on play store.  So, if you want to play the game which is like a robot game transformer.  From where you can also build a car, then this game is just for you.

War Robots

War Robot is the highest rated game in play store.  This is an editor's recommended robot game which is basically a robot war game.

Futuristic Robot Tiger Real game

FRTRG is also the highest rated game on the Play Store.  Here in this game you have to complete challenging missions and here you have to become a robot like tiger.