Top 10 Things To Do In Grand Theft Auto 5

Your camera phone is a great device. Selfies are fun, but there's a more practical application for this unnecessary feature.

Go Sightseeing

Trevor may engage in hunting missions after encountering Cletus in the two Strangers and Freaks missions.


There are many short films available for your viewing pleasure at the Los Santos Theater. Like Rockstar, the movies are a mix of brutality and satire.

Go to the Movies

Some of the fun of GTA is simply taking in the big, beautiful world. A roller-coaster ride by the sea or a night trip to the Ferris wheel can be a pleasant diversion.

Ride the Rides

If you are in GTA for the long term, there is no better way to get rich than by investing in property.

Become a Real Estate Mogul

The appearance of aliens in GTA 5 is a well-documented event, but have you gathered the pieces you need to build your own extraterrestrial transport?

Build a Space Docker

GTA 5 golf simulation is extraordinary and very challenging. Par is a really tough feat on most sagas, and the eighteen hole link has enough variety for multiple replays.

Play a Round of Golf

GTA 5's is a quick, replayable arcade-style take on the tennis game. Like real tennis, the game is largely about prediction and positioning.

Play Tennis

GTA 5's darts simulator is challenging and maintains fidelity with the game's real-world specialties.

Play Darts

Getting out of the plane with nothing between you and death but some nylon cord has a certain understandable entertainment value.


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