top 10 Best Cooking Games For Android 

Cafeteria Nipponica

You can't talk about the best cooking games on mobile without mentioning Cafeteria Nipponica. Why? Besides its lovely pixel art, the game itself is super fun to play. Tea

Cooking City

Few food games come with a laser-sharp focus on the cooking aspect, leaving the restaurant mechanics behind.

Cooking Craze: Restaurant Game

Cooking video games like Cooking Craze are popular partly because of the attractive and colorful art style.

 Cooking Fever

Restaurant management games usually focus heavily on the business side of things. But if you want restaurant management without the focus on cooking, then Cooking Fever is perfect for you.

Cooking Madness

The best cooking games are really diverse. Some are toned down, which helps you break free from the stress of the day.

Cooking Mama: Let’s Cook

Our curated list of the best cooking games on the market wouldn't be complete if we didn't mention Cooking Mama.

Diner Dash Adventures

Diner Dash is, hands down, one of the best cooking games out there. It has everything you want in a restaurant management simulator.

Good Pizza, Great Pizza

Everyone likes a good pizza. Some people love pizza so much that they agree to play a game about it! If this sounds like you, then Good Pizza, Great Pizza is the best game to download.

 Hunt Cook: Catch and Serve

Even the best cooking games on mobile can feel a bit mundane and repetitive over time. after all.

Perfect Slices

Some of the best cooking games are not focused on cooking at all, but rather on the preparation before it.