Including the backpack from Super Mario Sunshine can be a stretch since it's just one item. Since it's practically the only power-up in the game though I thought it was worth discussing.

Spring Mushroom

There's not much I love about Mario's 3D adventures since Super Mario 64, but I'm not going to waste time complaining about the deteriorating camera angles and Mario's ancient controls.

Boo Mushroom

This is a cute design and is really very useful in various haunted places in Super Mario Galaxy.

Cloud Flower

Like other Super Mario Galaxy powers, Cloud Flower is an essential. This allows Mario to build huge cloud platforms beneath wherever the player chooses.

Bee Mushroom

Of all the power in any Galaxy game, the Bee Mushroom feels the closest to traditional Mario costume.

Rock Mushroom

Somebody went down to the dock and there they found a rock, but it was not a rock. It was a rock mushroom!

Red Star

Flying Mario is the closest thing we can get to Mario to the full dark side.

Vanish Cap

Let's start bashing Super Mario 64 ahead. Kidding, I know it's hugely influential in making 3D platformers a thing.

Metal Cap

The same goes for Mario's metal cap. This essentially replaced the Super Star's invincibility power to create the Mario T-1000.

Wing Cap

One power-up I enjoyed was the wing cap. The controls were easy to eliminate because I could fly Mario for just over a split second, unlike Super Leaf, or Cape Feather.