The Koopalings

First let me say that I have no problem with coupling in Mario Kart. I really like the idea of them being playable.


I think having Lakitu a playable character in Mario Kart is highly unnecessary. He's the one who starts and ends the race, tells you when you go back, and saves you when you fall.

Cat Peach

Cat Peach is a clone of Peach and is extremely lazy. He is also paid DLC, which makes it even worse. He is very lazy and unnecessary.

Tanooki Mario

I dislike Tanuki Mario more than Cat Peach, because she will be advertising Super Mario 3D World.

Honey Queen

The Honey Queen is extremely lazy and unnecessary. It was also stupid how Nintendo made it smaller so that it could fit in the damn cart.

Baby Daisy and Baby Rosalina

Baby Daisy and Baby Rosalina are such lazy characters. It was fun seeing baby Mario and Luigi in Double Dash, but baby Daisy and Rosalina are exaggerating it too much.


Why is a caterpillar usually a hindrance to a playable character in Mario Kart? Wiggler is such a dumb character.

Metal Mario and Gold Mario

Metal Mario and Gold Mario are very lazy and clones of Mario. They are unnecessary and only filler material.

Pink Gold Peach

I really don't know what to explain... he is a clone, filler and extremely lazy. That's unnecessary and when we got Metal Mario it was pretty bad.

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