Long discussed in the Minecraft community as a fearsome urban legend, Herobrine has been repeatedly rumored to be a hostile mob lurking hidden within the game.


While it may not make much sense for younger Minecraft players, this skin is a great pick for lovers of 80s action and sci-fi movies.

Oscar of Astora

Fans of the Dark Souls franchise should recognize this skin immediately because it's the same gear worn by both players who start out as Knight but also the costume of Astora's Oscars.

Axolotl Girl

Axolotls is one of the more popular additions to Minecraft in recent years, and many players have added the mob aesthetic to their skin.

 Troll Face

Emerging from the long meme comics, the Minecraft community simply couldn't resist adding the Troll Face skin to the roster of skins available for download.


Payday 2 has proven to be one of the most enduring co-op first-person shooter games in the industry, and of course.

 The Dark Knight Returns Batman

Originally conceived by comic book writer Frank Miller and brought to life on the big screen by Ben Affleck in Batman v.

Captain Falcon

The hit Nintendo title F-Zero ranked first in the series before becoming one of the most beloved characters in Super Smash Bros.


Part man, part CRT television, this is actually one of the more interesting skins posted online, even though it is several years old.


The cuteness of this MCU villain is something you don't usually expect.

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