top 10 Most Powerful Weapons In All Of Anime

top 10 Most Powerful Weapons In All Of Anime

God Arcs (God Eater)

The God Arcs in God Eater are weapons made from the cells of the Aragami - the violent god-like enemies of the human race who wiped out almost the entire human race.

Bankai (Bleach)

Bankai is one of the most interesting elements in Bleach. It is the final form of the Shinigami's Zanpakuto and is said to reflect the true self of the wielder.

Executioner’s Blade (Naruto)

The Executioner's Blade was the sword of Momochi Zabuza, a member of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist.

Samehada (Naruto)

Samida is another legendary blade of the seven ninja swordsmen of the mist, it is wielded by Kisame Hoshigaki.

Yoru (One Piece)

You may be unfamiliar with the name Yoru from One Piece, but I'm sure you're a fan of its fielder.

Truth-Seeking Orbs (Naruto)

Truth-seeking orbs are balls floating behind Naruto after receiving Hagoromo's chakra.

Caster (Outlaw Star)

Caster is actually a person using old magic or mana, but as time goes on and during the new era, caster is the name of the guns used to fire shells.

Punisher (Trigun)

There are several known Punishers (large cross-like weapons) in the Trigun series.

 Enma (One Piece)

The Enma is one of Zorro's current swords and was used by Oden to inflict wounds and scars on Kaido.

Death Note (Death Note)

How can a notebook be a weapon? If you're like most, you'll roll it up and form a club to defeat opponents.