Top 10 most STRONGEST Pokemon Owned By Ash Ketchum (2022)


Ash has a knack for evolving some of his Pokemon without ever evolving, and while fellow Grass-type starters Bulbasaur and Snivey are good examples, too.


Ash's roster might just be the best regional bird ever. This could be a hot take, with Staraptor and Talonflame being key contributors at one point.


To be clear, Gengar still has a bit of polish to do purely from a fighting standpoint before he can take some hard damage before he gets the ability to Gigantamax.


Ash's Johto capture is often overlooked, with Bailiff, Quilava and Donfan deserving of some consideration.


The only thing close to a legendary Pokémon eligible for this list, Ash's lone legendary Pokémon is certainly powerful.


Ash's Lycanroc is one of a kind, the only known Dusk form in the anime.


Hardcore fans of the anime think of a fight when Ash's Snorlax is brought in: it battles Greta's two fighting-type Pokémon with six moves.


The first of Ash's Fire-type starters to appear on this list, Ash's Insider had the best growth and development arc among Ash's Pokémon.


Ash has a few other decent ground-types such as Donfan, Glissor, and Giblet, but none of them hold a candle to the crocodile wielding sunglasses.


Even with a currently scant grappling resume, Drakwish has already made a fishy rand-ed way outside the top five of Ash's strongest.