Top 10 Strongest Electric Type Pokemon 


As stated before, both Electric and Normal-type Pokémon have the fewest vulnerabilities in the games.


Unlike most pure electric-types, the Zebstrica has a much higher attack range than Special Attack.


Luxray is another exceptional electric-type that breaks the mold and boasts more attack than special attack.


It may not be the most popular Evolution in the franchise, but Jolteon is certainly one of the better pure Electric-type Pokémon you can train.


By the end of Gen VII, the Ampharos would have been ranked much higher than their fellow electric-types.


The Magnezone continues the trend of high special attacking electric-types, which come with a base special attack of 130 with 90 special defense and 115 defense.


When looking at the Electriwire base stats, one thing that really stands out is its incredibly low defense.


There's more to Electros than meets the eye. This convenient electric Pokémon has the Levitate ability, which means it's not vulnerable to ground-types.


Ultra Beasts may not have legendary status in games, but these supernatural Pokemon are some of the strongest and rarest you can come across.

Tapu Koko

As the patron god of Melemele Island, Isle Coco is one of the strongest Electric-type Pokémon in the games.