Top 10 Strongest Bug Type Pokemon


One of two Bug/Water Pokémon introduced in Generation VII, Arachneid evolves from Depider starting at level 22. It has a base total of 452 with excellent special defense.


Frosmoth has the privilege of being the only Pokémon with a unique Bug/Ice-type combination.


One of the latest additions to the bug family, Orbital has evolved from the incredibly cute Dotler at level 30 and is the ultimate evolution of BluePubBug.


A dual-type bug/fairy Pokémon, Ribombie may seem weak at first, but it's actually a very capable creature.


Escavalier has the distinction of developing through one of the most unique methods in the entire franchise.


One of the most emblematic Pokémon of Generation II, Heracross is one of Ash's most memorable Zoho teammates.


Speaking of the classic Zoho Pokémon, Sizor is another example of how great a bug-type can be.


The second of Alola's Bug/Water Pokémon, Gollispod has been awarded a signature ability that ranks as one of the best in the entire core series of games.


A Pokémon often confused for a Legendary, Volcarona serves as the signature Pokémon for Unova's league champion, Elder.

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