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the 10 best Role playing games for PC

Code of War

This is our first contender on the list because it really is so good.

Warlings Worms

You are in an underground worm battling for the world to be yours. 

Voodoo: Kick the Buddy

You can use the power of the gods to explode, fire, shoot, freeze, smash and even destroy your enemies.

Kungfu Shadow Fighting

Kung Fu Shadow Fighting is entered with levels that you have to overcome. 

Block Strike Crafting 3D

If you like military block battlegrounds, just experience the fury of battle with Block Strike Crafting 3D.

Persona 4 Golden

Take on the role of a Japanese high school student who must team up with his friends to stop a series of mysterious murders.

Dragon Age II

Dragon Age II is the second installment in the Dragon Age series. The game, developed by BioWare, was released in March 2011 for PC, Mac, Xbox 360 and PS3.