Top 10 Revenue Games Last Week for Steam - July 2022


The Quarry

The mine maintains its presence in the top ten, dropping only one place from the previous week. So far, the game from the developers to Dawn has received mostly positive feedback from the gamers.

v rising

Contrary to our prediction that We Rising remained in the top five, the game fell to eighth place on this list. The vampire survival game has been a massive success, but the hype surrounding it may be fading.

 Elden Ring

The Alden Ring has dropped to its lowest level ever, but it still remains at a respectable seventh place on the list.

 Chivalry 2

Chivalry 2 is a first-person slasher game inspired by medieval warfare and lets players test their skills in fast-paced and challenging multiplayer combat.

Steam Bridge

The Steam deck, as expected, topped the top ten. Valve's portable gaming PC is clearly popular and selling well.


Rust has raised its position from ninth to eighth this week. Despite being almost ten years old, the hardcore survival game remains popular among the players.

Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise, along with its other buying options, maintains its presence in the top ten. Considering that the game has sold 10 million units and its expansion has reached 2 million downloads.

Ready or Not

Ready or Not is a tactical FPS game in which you play as a member of a SWAT team tasked with overcoming adversity.

F1 22

F1 22 has fallen into the top ten since last week having only one game, but its fourth place is still impressive.

It Takes Two

Given the popularity of the game and its past performances in the top ten, it should come as no surprise to see It Take Two on this list.