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top 10 Pro Tips For Cyberpunk 2077 You Need To Know

Don't worry about your Lifepath

Cyberpunk 2077 offers plenty of options for building your character, from cosmetics to stat points - but you can spend some (or more) time on your lifepath.

Play smarter, not harder

While you can get through most of Cyberpunk 2077 with some skill - or less, if you set the game to Normal.

Hack your wallet full

A lot of Cyberpunk 2077's techno-y atmosphere can be lumped together, but if you see a rectangular interface on a wall.

Walk, don't run

It may depend on your platform, but I've found that the larger environment of Night City looks a lot worse if you're fast moving around the world.

Give up on headshots

Probably the most comical part of Cyberpunk 2077's gameplay is that I can shoot an enemy 5 times in the head and watch them run straight at me and attack.

Tag your enemies

When you're scanning enemies from behind cover, you'll want to tag them.

Hack constantly

But you also get Skill Progressive Points that are awarded for the actions you take based on your style of play.

Netrunners: buy quickhacks

Likewise, if you want to be a skilled netrunner, you'll need powerful quickhacks.