top 10 Pokémon Evolutions That Make No Sense

Magikarp Into Gyarados

When it comes to unusual Pokémon evolution, they often don't come much stranger to Gyarados than Magikarp.

Machoke Into Machamp

Another unusual Gen 1 development, Machoc in Machamp may not be anywhere near as unusual as Magikarp in Gyarados.

Graveler Into Golem

Both the Graveler and its Alolan variant have a similar design. Building on the simplicity of the geodude, they become heavy stones sprouting an additional set of arms and two legs.

Inkay Into Malamar

While not quite as confusing as Graveler's transformation, Ink's evolution still falls into a similar category of absurdity.

Pupitar Into Tyranitar

Laravitar and Tyranitor certainly look alike to be related. However, Pupitaar fits the "strange middle growth" mold.

Galarian Linoone Into Obstagoon

To their credit, Gallerian Linoon and its development Obstegoon share very similar designs aesthetically.

Feebas Into Milotic

The transformation of this meek fish into a beautiful sea creature is clearly a classic "Ugly Duckling" story, but it doesn't make the transition any less troubling.

Cosmoem Into Solgaleo/Lunala

The Cosmog line is one of the most interesting in Pokemon history. This is mainly because it is one of the only legendary Pokémon to have evolved,

Dragonair Into Dragonite

Both Dratini and Dragonair have serpentine designs with small feathers or wing-like appendages on the sides of their heads.

Torracat Into Incineroar

As a general trend that has yet to be broken, it seems that the final development of a fire start will always be bipedal, regardless of how many legs its previous iterations ran.

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