playstation plus premium classic games

Ape Escape 1 + 2

Ape Escape set a new benchmark for the PlayStation by being the first game for players to use the DualShock controller.

Dark Cloud 2

What happens when you mix time travel, RPG elements, and at least one power-hungry emperor to destroy the world? You get the cult-classic PS2 RPG Dark Cloud 2.


If you're looking for a brain challenge, Ecochrome is worth a look at its collection of brain-teasers and elegantly minimalist designs that offer a new perspective on puzzles.

Hot Shots Golf

The first game in the Everybody's Golf series, this original title may sound simple, but it's full of fun and challenging scenarios that make you sure to love arcade golf games today.

Mr. Driller

Another terrifying puzzle game, Mr. Driller is fast and frantic exploration as you battle against the menace of time and blocks falling over your head, burying you beneath a mountain of colorful rubble.

Jak and Daxter 1-3

Jack and Daxter hasn't been given a PlayStation revival yet, but until that day comes, the original trilogy of the Naughty Dog duo's platforming adventures should be revisited.

Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee

Follow me! Strangely strange, the first Oddworld was a visual delight that focused on pacifist puzzle solving, telepathic powers.

Red Faction

As first-person shooters began to grow in popularity, Red Faction came up with an ambitious idea to create a world that was more destructive than the Michael Bay film set.

Rogue Galaxy

When you're playing as a character named Jester Rogue, you know you're in for some JRPG fun.

Syphon Filter

Stealth-action gameplay was on the rise in the late '90s, and Siphon Filter stood tall as one of the best the genre had to offer.