Juan Cortez

This arms dealer is polite and well mannered, but doesn't mind delegating some dirty work.

Ricardo Diaz

Once you meet Diaz, it's clear that power has gone to her head. Tommy quickly learns that he was the one who compromised the deal and nearly killed the protagonist.

Ken Rosenberg

Ken Rosenberg may be a mess, but he's a mess that's on your side. She is loyal to Tommy, even though her indulging in a particular drug has her constantly on the verge of losing it all.

Phil Cassidy

It's good to see Phil Cassidy in Vice City as he makes a brief appearance in Grand Theft Auto 3. He is a trigger-happy veteran who has a severe distrust in his government.

Steve Scott

Steve Scott is a highly ambitious director working in the wrong field. He makes adult movies but often has completely incompatible ideas for the genre.

Kent Paul

Kent Paul is the person who knows everything about everything that happens within the Vice City. He's skinny and takes a pulse on anything, but at least he's on Tommy's side.

Avery Carrington

Avery Carrington has only a small part in Vice City but he remains a memorable presence.

Sonny Forelli

Sonny Forelli is the game's final villain. He sends Tommy Varsetti to Vice City to get him out of the way after 15 years in prison.

Lance Vance

Lance Vance is Tommy's friend for most of the game, but once you handle Diaz's operation you can start to see cracks in the friendship.

Tommy Vercetti

Just a year after Grand Theft Auto 3, seeing a hero with a real personality in Vice City Tommy Varsetti is a huge step forward.