top 10 besr Pixel Art Games Everyone Must Play

ANNO: Mutationem

One of the grandest games ever released in 2022, ANNO: Mutationem drops players in a vibrant cyberpunk city, as Ann, the protagonist, searches for her missing brother.

Core Keeper

Survival sandbox games are quite common these days, and yet the genre hasn't started to outgrow its reception yet.

Vampire Survivors

Well, Vampire Survivors is hardly the most amazing pixel art game on the market; In fact, it looks simple enough for the most part.


As its name implies, UnMetal is a parody of the Metal Gear franchise, although it also makes fun of other genres.


An action RPG that leans heavily into exploration, unseen warfare and tells a gripping story about androids.

Bonfire Peaks

Bonfire Peaks is a puzzle game about guiding a character through a forest as they seek to burn their luggage boxes.


Pixpil's Eastward is an impressive indie game that guides players through an immersive journey set in a fantastically detailed world.


Omori has all the qualities of an indie pixel game masterpiece, even though the title has yet to reach the same level as Undertale or Stardew Valley.

Flynn: Son Of Crimson

Released on September 15, 2021, Flynn: Son of Crimson is an action-adventure game with a lot going on.


Released in 2011, Terraria shows its age in some ways, but it's still one of the most ambitious and best indie Pixel games ever made.