Top 10 Most Popular Pokémon


The mascot of Pokémon Blue and the final evolution of the starter Pokémon Squirtle (until the introduction of Mega Blastoise in Gen VII), Blastoise exploded as the 10th most popular entrant.


There was no development of the sluggish Snorlax until Munchlax was introduced in Gen IV. He is the heaviest Gen 1 Pokémon, weighing in at 1014lb, and often falls asleep in inconvenient places.


This is one of the glamorous and foxy fire-type Pokémon Mewtwo captured and cloned in the movie Mewtwo Strikes Back.


Dragonite is a flying/dragon type and is the ultimate evolution of Dratini. Dragonite debuted in the anime EP13 "Mystery at the Lighthouse" as an unknown giant Pokemon who was fascinated by Bill.


Turtle-like Squirtle is one of three starter Pokémon available to players in red and blue.


In its spinoff game Pokémon: Let's Go, Eevee! As with Pikachu, a remake of the original Yellow for the Nintendo Switch, Eevee stands almost alongside Pikachu in popularity and merchandise.


The highest ranked starter Pokémon is the grass-type Bulbasaur, which is Venusaur's first evolution.


One of the types of fire that dominates this list is the dog-like evolution of the Growlith via the Arcanine Fire Stone.


Scary Boy is the final evolution of Gengar Gastley and Hunter. The ghostly trio first made their appearance in EP23 "The Tower of Terror".


With a sweeping victory that surprises no one, the stubborn fire/flying Charizard takes the title of favorite Pokémon.