How to enable cheats in Minecraft 1.19 update

How to enable cheats in Minecraft 1.19 update

Cheats are a special feature in the Minecraft 1.19 update that allows players to perform some unconventional actions in the game.

If they want a block, they have to mine it with the right equipment to get it.  However, with the help of cheats, the game changes completely.

While most of the world's games discourage cheaters, Mojang intentionally added a toggle to turn them on, no matter what the world.

If players want to immerse themselves in the original game, they can play the game without any cheats.  However, traitors can enable them to fly, they have infinite blocks, and even have the power to kill anyone instantly.

Enabling cheats in Bedrock Edition in Minecraft 1.19

In the Bedrock version, players will have the option to enable cheats after the creation of the world as well as the world itself.  Once a new world exists, gamers will be able to change its settings.

Alternatively, if players wish to enable cheats in the current world, they can do so by accessing the list of created worlds.  Next they have to click on the edit button which has the pencil logo right and right next to the world.

Here, they will be able to change the world settings.  If players scroll down, they will be able to find the same toggle.  By turning it on, they can access commands.

When players are in creative mode, they'll be able to get any block out of the game and even fly around the world without Elytra.