Top 10 best Anime On The Planet

Sword Art Online

You can hate it all you want, but the original work still stands out as the best-selling light novels, something that seemed to translate into the anime's first season upon release.

Fullmetal Alchemist

You don't get recognized as one of the greatest anime of all time without doing something right.

Sailor Moon

It was the first successful shjo anime to enter the Western mainstream, with the titular character considered one of the greatest female superheroes of all time.

Attack on Titan

Like a bat out of hell, the series exploded across the screens and almost immediately garnered a fan following of hardcore fans.

Detective Conan

It has almost a thousand episodes under its belt, over twenty movies, and zero signs of slowing down.

Death Note

The anime that struck gold. With only one series, this now-legendary title has managed to establish itself as one of the smartest and most beautifully crafted examples of the covert detective genre to have ever been put on both screen and paper.


It was saturated with filler episodes, became infamous for some narrative decisions, and had a protagonist who was likable about fifty percent of the time.


What started out as an innovative video game has managed to transform itself into a miniature empire that spawned an anime series that has somehow found a way to keep going today.

Dragon Ball

Redefining West's perspective on how action and animation can go together, it's fair to say that this is the case with the series, especially Dragon Ball Z.

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