The 10 Best Anime Worlds to Live in, According to Ranker


In the universe of Gintama, aliens came to Japan in the 1800s and made it illegal to use a sword to fight back.

Dog Days

Sure, the Dog Days character had to deal with some pretty powerful and dangerous monsters at one point in time.

Fairy Tail

Most shonen series actually exist in an incredibly dangerous world, but the most dangerous period of Fairy Tail was centuries ago.

Cowboy Bebop

Things can get dangerous for Spike Spiegel and Bebop's crew, but not so much for the average person.

Planet Aqua 

Formally known as Mars, the dusty Red Planet has been given a terraforming makeover that has covered the surface with water.

19th-Century Japan 

One of the best-selling manga in Japan, Mushishi tells the story of Ginkgo who roams around 19th century Japan and investigates supernatural beings known as mushi.

Dragon World

Dragon World of Dragon Ball Z, as it is sometimes known, is a near-future sci-fi version of Planet Earth, featuring flying vehicles, robots, and futuristic architecture.

Earth With Demi-Humans

The world of Interview with Monster Girls takes place on a fictionalized version of Earth where various supernatural "demi-humans", such as vampires and succulents.

Domino City

Yu-Gi-Oh! Domino City is a fictional Japanese town and home to Yugi Muto, Joy Wheeler, and T. Gardner.

The Digital World 

First created in the early 20th century, The Digital World is a parallel world where cute creatures named Digimon live and bond with humans.

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