Top 5 Most Evil Grand Theft Auto Missions

The GTA series isn't for the faint of heart, but even some missions within the series stand out for being more evil than others.

For all intents and purposes, this list would classify the worst missions within the GTA series as those that target and harm innocent civilians.

Typically, dozens of NPCs die during a few missions, but they are usually rival gangsters or other criminals who warrant such extreme measures against them.

However, these five missions kill some innocent people that either did nothing wrong or their actions were so small in comparison, that the mission itself seems to be a harsh punishment.

Either way, this list will rank some missions higher than others based on the number of innocent people and its brutality.


sabotage a construction site (which involves killing several construction workers in the process) and then burying the foreman alive (who is inside a portable toilet)

Management Issues

Management issues lead to Mad Dog's manager and his female partner all being killed off because the manager doesn't think Ozzy is good enough for the folk music industry.

Messing with the Man (GTA Vice City)

Messing with the Man is a mission where Tommy Varsetti is asked to create as much chaos as possible in order to earn the respect of Mitch Baker.

Hot Dog Homicide (GTA 2)

Not many modern GTA fans are aware of how interesting GTA 2 was as a game. One mission in that game specifically stands out as the Rogue Mission.

Bringing the House Down 

Many GTA missions are twisted in their own right, but virtually none of them involve the player committing large-scale terrorism.