Top 10 Playable Grand Theft Auto Characters

Victor Vance

Many fans may not know about Victor Vance, as he was the protagonist of Vice City Stories, a game exclusive to the PlayStation Portable and then ported to the PlayStation 2 the following year.


With Grand Theft Auto III turning 20 this year, it's really reflected in the gameplay and even the protagonist.


Since GTA V is the first game in the series to have multiple playable characters.

Luis Lopez

One of the best things about GTA IV was how much bonus material the game had after its release, the first of which was The Ballad of Gay Tony.

Johnny Klebitz

Being the second part of the downloadable content for GTA IV, The Lost and the Damned follows Johnny, a member of The Lost MC biker gang.

Tommy Vercetti

As Rockstar finds its own rhythm in creating compelling backstories for its protagonist, Tommy Varsetti is nothing more than a criminal trying to get to the top of the ladder.


Although there are three playable characters in GTA V, Michael is essentially the main character of them all, as he ties everything together.


Being the third playable character in GTA V, Trevor is undoubtedly the most entertaining, and most fans of the franchise would place him at number one.


Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was a milestone in gaming for a number of reasons.


Grand Theft Auto IV may have its flaws, but it is also considered by many to be the best GTA game in the entire series.

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