top 8 most atractive Minecraft farms in 2022

Dripstone farm

The Caves & Cliffs update introduced a new block called Point Dripstone. Players can find these blocks in small patches inside regular caves or dripstone cave biomes.

Moss farm

Like Dripstone, Moss Block is another new block added in the Caves & Rocks update.

 Simple mob tower

No matter what year it is, Mob Tower Farm will always be one of the best Minecraft farms. The main requirement for making the farm work is several building blocks, water and trapdoors.

Copper farm

Copper is a new mineral added in the Minecraft 1.17 update. Caves and Rocks Part 2 Update has made this resource abundant in caves.

Enderman XP farm

Experience points are a valuable resource in Minecraft. That's why there are tons of Minecraft farms for grinding XP levels.

Wither skeleton farm

Withered skeleton heads are one of the rarest items in Minecraft. The probability of obtaining a withered skeleton using the Fortune III enchantment in the Java version is only 5.5%.

 Gold XP farm

Zombie piglins are probably the most common mob in Minecraft. Luckily, these mobs have an easy drop, gold.

Guardian farm

With a Guardian Farm, players can obtain an infinite supply of beautiful Prismarine blocks. However, building a parent farm is difficult.

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