Top 10 Mods Para Gta San Andreas ! 

Do you want to draw people to you and then throw them away from you? Well, this GTA San Andreas mod lets you do exactly that.

 Gravity Gun Mod

Compared to the games out today, GTA San Andreas looks out of date. The only reason people are still playing San Andreas is because there is so much to explore in Los Santos.

GTA SA IV Los Santos

There's no denying the fact that we all want to experience the brilliance of GTA San Andreas from a first-person perspective.

First-Person View Mod

In real life, not many of us could do a backflip. However, it is very possible for us to do crazy backflips and handstands in GTA San Andreas, thanks to the GTA SA Parkour Mod.

Parkour Mod

When Rockstar released GTA San Andreas, the graphics and in-game effects were really good. However, for today, you can say that everything feels heavy.

Overdose Effects

If you've played GTA San Andreas, you probably know how important it is to remember all the useful cheat codes.

Cheat Menu Mod

This is the best GTA San Andreas mod that you can download in 2022. Many GTA SA mods claim to improve the graphics of the game; However, only a few of them work without breaking your system.

 GTA SA – V Graphics ENB

If you are playing GTA San Andreas in 2022, you must be annoyed because of the old HUD of the game.


If for some reason, you're bored with the original San Andreas sound, it's probably time to move things along. Interestingly, Sound Pack for San Andreas adds a slew of new sounds to the game.

Sound Pack For San Andreas

Do you love GTA Liberty City and GTA Vice City besides San Andreas? If yes, then you will absolutely love this San Andreas Mod.

GTA United

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