Top 10 Minecraft Superhero Mods 2022

the Flash Addon

Have you ever thought of becoming a superhero in Minecraft? One of your ambitions is to become the flash of Khan-poetry.

Hulk Addon

We would like to introduce you (those who love the Hulk character from the Marvel World of Marvel) to our new add-on called Hulk Addon. This add-on adds two new creatures to the world of Minecraft.

X-Men Addon

Have you ever imagined living in the Marvel universe or becoming the X-Men? If so, these add-ons for Minecraft Pocket Edition are ideal for those who have a collection of superheroes fighting to get the better of it.

DC Comics Superheroes

The Batman armor suit can aid in leaping as well as increasing speed and power. You will be able to see at night, and this will help you fight crime during the day and night.

Wakanda Addonpack

Black Panther is one of the most original superheroes of all time. It was a well-deserved official tribute to the country he so passionately defends.

Pocket Heroes

To prove that you deserve to be the most feared hero, you need to demonstrate that you can deal with villains.

Superheroes Coming

Superheroes are coming to the world of Minecraft, so you'll need to make some space. The place is also sufficient.

Superheroes X

If you want to make a superhero minecraft mod, it must contain the most popular characters from around the world.

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