best  Tips For Finding Supercars In GTA 5

PCThe Best Car For The Job

GTA V's base game comes with six hypercars, excluding the DLC vehicles. Admittedly, not the widest selection, but it's honestly enough for a 30-hour campaign.


Look, we wish there was an easy way to assemble all the hypercars in an afternoon without spending hours grinding.

Just Take The Vacca

If forced to take the most "common" supercar in GTA V, maybe the Vacca will come out on top.

The Rich Side Of Town

The GTA V single-player campaign may make supercars look like they're falling out of fashion, but the multiplayer mode is a whole different story.


With over 40 supercars available, choosing the right car for you can be a daunting task. As well as looking as stylish as possible, the hypercar also needs to be competitive to race.

The Luck Of The Switch

Hypercars appear relatively frequently in single-player campaigns, some of which are tied to a specific area of Los Santos.

Drive Supercars To Obtain Supercars

GTA V gives away the Infernus hypercar on practically any occasion.

Ruin A Mission, Get A Hypercar

"I Fight the Law..." is a very fun mission involving all three main heroes of GTA V.

Vehicle Cargo

As well as being a time-effective way to earn a little extra change.