top 10 best minecraft skins for boys {2022}

Young King

Our list begins with the young king. With this set, you'll play as a teenage king, dressed in a highly elaborate red robe and a blue hat.

Medieval Guy

Don't have a king on your Minecraft server? If so, why not give this skin a try. With it installed, you will find the robes of a simple worker during the Middle Ages.

Purple Mage

Don't want to be the farmer of your medieval server? Well, why not give this skin a try and start making potions.

Yellow Elf

The yellow elf is in keeping with the theme of medieval fantasy. With it installed, you will play as an elf.

Pastel Girl

Not a medieval theme? No, there are many other skins like worry pastel girl. This skin was designed by Re. And he did a great job with it.


Lando was one of the coolest characters in the original trilogy and we won't hear any more about it — yes, we think Donald Glover did a great job in the somewhat less solo, but no one matches Billy Dee Williams. can eat.

Indiana Jones

Indiana Jones star Harrison Ford may have been injured on the set of the next movie but he's fighting fit as a Minecraft skin.

Ash Ketchum

There may not be an option to catch Pokémon in Minecraft, but that doesn't mean Ash Ketchum isn't a show!

Bob the Builder

A suitable skin for a game like Minecraft that includes a lot of buildings, Bob is another one you can get in-game.

Ed Sheeran

Until the pop-culture machine introduces an official Ed Sheeran video game (oh man, doesn't that sound rare enough?), this Minecraft skin poses for many of Sheeran's fans as a musician in the gaming world. The best way to be.