Top 8 Josei Anime That Need A Reboot, Ranked

Deadman Wonderland

Deadman Wonderland is what happens when an anime studio tries to cram too much source material into just 12 episodes.


Similarly to Pandora Hearts, Claymore is heavily dragged on by its anime-original content.


Whereas Clannad is widely regarded as one of the most emotionally moving anime of all time.

Fate/Stay Night

The Fate franchise is a huge collection of Game, Manga, Anime.


Kentarou Miura's legendary creation Berserk is consistently ranked as one of the greatest manga of all time.


It's a cliché that every child has potential, and movies and anime about teachers trying to bring out the potential in their students is a beloved trope.

Only Yesterday

Well-known creators of Studio Ghibli, My Neighbor Totoro, Kiki's delivery service and Princess Mononoke can specialize in cute.