top 10 Most Respected Marvel Heroes, Ranked

Black Panther

Black Panther is a different brand of superhero, as he not only wears a heroic armor, but also a crown; A crown that carries with it the weight of the entire nation.


Wolverine is the ultimate suggestive bachelor. With (and in!) a gritty tapa and knife


She-Hulk began comic book life as a way to protect his turf for Marvel. Basically a female knockout of his famous cousin Bruce Banner aka Hulk.

The Thing

The Thing is the heart of the Marvel Universe. That's right, beneath that orange, crooked exterior and gruesome demeanor lies a wounded.


Thanos is a character who could be (and probably is) a case study in college psychology class.

 Captain America

Captain America is the quintessential part of the Marvel Universe, but it took him decades to reach that potential.

Kitty Pryde

The X-Men are wonderful — supernatural, even — but it wasn't until Kitty Pride entered the picture that readers gained a real perspective on how supernatural it is.

Doctor Doom

There is a common saying in fiction writing that applies to life as well that the villains consider themselves to be the protagonists of their story.


Spider-Man redefined what a superhero could be, and although many people have followed in his footsteps, he is still number one, certainly at Marvel and arguably elsewhere.