Top 10 Greatest Mario Kart Tracks of All Time

Sky Garden

Sky Garden is a race that takes place in the clouds at the Mario Kart Super Circuit. It is memorable to run in the sky in the Game Boy Advance game.

Rock Rock Mountain 

The track revolves around the mountain named in the title. You start off by running over the edge of the cliffs before heading out into the canyon for some paragliding action which was one of the key features introduced in Mario Kart 7.

Maple Treeway

Maple Treeway is a fall-themed track filled with all the auspicious colors you love in autumn time.

Wario Stadium 

This track was closest to Mario Kart 64's motocross dirt track. On the outside, the walls are lined with Wario's face.

Mount Wario

The track begins on a mountain that soon turns out to be a ski resort. Instead of a three-lap course, the track is divided into three sections, ending once you get to the very bottom.

Ghost Valley 1 

The first of the ghost-themed tracks in Mario Kart is also the best. The track's outline is surrounded by blocks that collapse when racers collide, making the next trip more dangerous than the previous.

Koopa Troopa Beach

This beach is named after the Copa Trupa-shaped rock formation on full display. Wherever you go on this track you will be close to the water.

Piranha Plant Slide 

The Piranha Plant Slide runs through a series of pipes infested with iconic Mario enemies. Start with a makeshift castle reminiscent of what you'd see in the first Super Mario Bros.

Waluigi Pinball 

As the race begins, you are launched into a pinball machine. Twisty turns are like the path of a rail the ball will travel along during a real pinball game.

Donut Plains 3

Donut Plains tracks are the most Super Mario World-like courses you'll see.