top 10 fantasy anime to watch

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Humanity Has Declined

Humanity Rejected, as the title of this anime suggests, finds mankind at a low point in its history.

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Spanning two seasons, The Labyrinths of Magic and The Kingdom of Magic.

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Hunter X Hunter

Highly regarded as one of the greatest action shonen anime of all time.

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Attack On Titan

Launched in 2013 and set to complete its run in 2022, Attack on Titan has arguably been the most popular anime of the past decade.

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No, this is not an episodic adaptation of the famous Studio Ghibli movie!

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Fate/Zero follows the events that preceded Fate/Stay Night.

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Black Clover

Spanning 170 episodes, it's hard to deny how long Black Clover lasted before finally airing in 2021.

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Overlord 4

Isekai fans have a few Summer 2022 shows to choose from.