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Ms. Marvel: top 10 Comic Storylines To Read Before The Disney+ Series

Chapter 3 Season 1

The most obvious place to start with Kamala Khan is the beginning. Her story surfaced in Ms. Marvel #1 in early 2014. Co-produced by Sana Amanat, G.

Fighting The Inventor

The first story in the book No Normal pits Ms. Marvel against her first villain, The Inventor. The inventor is a strange villain, to say the least.

Teaming Up With Spider-Man

Kamala Khan reminds some readers of Peter Parker that they are both highly intelligent superheroes who started out as teens and who use their powers for good.

Joining The Avengers

Ms. Marvel joined the Avengers in 2015 following the universe-shattering events of Secret Wars.

Clashing With Carol Danvers

Carol Danvers and Monica Rambeau are destined to play up some of their comic book history in Captain Marvel 2. It is possible that the same would be true of Kamala and her idol, Carol.

Meeting Loki

Loki is also going to star in his own Disney+ series, so it's possible that the Asgardian trickster could make an appearance in Ms. Marvel.

The Magnificent Ms. Marvel

Ms. Marvel has been growing and evolving since her debut, and she took a huge leap forward in 2019, when she received a new title, The Magnificent Miss Marvel.

Joining The Champions

Ms. Marvel's feud with Captain Marvel eventually led to her exit from the Avengers.


The most recent incident involving Kamala and the Champions was her death. Viv Vision explodes in a fight against an Asgardian dragon, which leaves Kamala in a coma.


Going rogue resulted in the formation of the C.R.A.D.L.E, or Child Hero Reconnaissance and Interruption Law Enforcement Organization.