top 10 Dark Anime That Only Get Darker

Attack on Titan

“Attack on Titan” has always been known for its bold depictions of gore and violence.


'Rainbow' is one of those lesser known gems that leaves no room for you to breathe.

Elfen Lied 

Since its release, "Alfen Lies" has been the victim of mixed reviews that lie at the two extreme ends of the spectrum.


If your main squeeze is the raw action in anime, "Texcholies" has little to offer.

 Perfect Blue

Watching 'Perfect Blue' is a terrifying experience as it slowly blurs the lines between fantasy and reality.


When I say "dark anime," I'm sure the first show that comes to mind of most viewers is 'Berserk'.


Since the death of a young middle school girl named Misaki, the city of Yomiyama has never been the same.

Death Note

"Death Note" needs no introduction even for those who are completely new to the world of anime.

Hellsing Ultimate

In Hellsing Ultimate, there are no good or bad people and a parallel line is drawn between the protagonist and the antagonist of the show.

Blue Literature

'Blue Literature' may not be as popular as other psychological thrillers such as 'Death Note', 'Elfen Laid' or 'Monster'.