top 10 Mario Enemies That Vanished From The Games


Ostros are large flightless birds that debuted in Super Mario Bros. They are basically cartoon ostriches.

Chargin' Chuck

It was strange to see Chargin Chuck make his debut in Super Mario World in 1991.


A rare enemy from Super Mario Land 2: 6 Gold Coins. Spiky is only found in one level.

Rip Van Fish

Super Mario World players remember this little boy well. Rip Van Fish was a formidable underwater foe who slept in various corners, but quickly swung into action upon awakening.

Milde and Marching Milde

Milds has smaller, Kirby-like enemies from Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island. As they move, they explode like balloons and knock out any nearby enemies.


Pokki's first claim to fame was in Super Mario Bros. 2, but he would eventually find a home with Super Mario World as a standard Mario foe.


Big purple relatives of the Bob-omb were found in Super Mario 64. They use a throwing attack similar to the King Bob-omb and also share a model.

Hot Foot

Hot Feet (Hot Feet?) are clever creatures from Super Mario Bros. 3. They look like little fireballs with legs and hides in candles until Mario gets closer.


Nintendo loves bosses with giant floating hands. Check out Gohdan, Dham Bum Rock and even Master Hand.

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