TOP 10 Crazy MINECRAFT MODS That Will Blow Your Mind


One of the most popular mods in the history of Minecraft, Optifine can dramatically improve your game performance and allow you to get buttery-smooth framerates on low-end hardware.


If you're running Minecraft on weak hardware, which even Optifine can't help you with, Fastcraft can come in handy. 


What's better than Minecraft? Minecraft with Pokemon, of course! Pixelmon is one of the longest running Minecraft mods, adding hundreds of Pokemon to the game.

Fast Leaf Decay

Cutting down trees in Minecraft can be a particularly difficult process, especially when you can't find the last piece of wood that holds all the leaves.

Pam’s HarvestCraft

Food is a major aspect of Minecraft, but the game's farming mechanics have gone years without any kind of substantial update.

Macaw’s Bridges

If you prefer to base in a mountainous or mountainous biome, Macaw's Bridge Mode will give you more control over what your base looks like.

Biomes O’Plenty

Wish there were more biomes in Minecraft? Well, Biomes O'Plenty Mod is for you! This mod introduces 80 new biomes to the game, giving you lots of new places to explore.

Traveler’s Backpack

The Travelers Backpack Mod does exactly what it sounds like - it adds backpacks to Minecraft.

Storage Drawers

Chests are useful, but sometimes, you just want a storage solution that's a little more discreet.

Decorative Blocks

Seasoned Minecraft creators know all kinds of tricks for building complex things using a vanilla set of blocks.

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