the 10 best Call of Duty Zombies Maps


Not everyone is a fan of Sledgehammer's zombie mode in Advanced Warfare, and the faster, more agile exo-zombies are nearly invulnerable in their relentlessness.

Shadows of Evil

Jazzy in every sense of the word, Shadows of Evil is a visual treat from start to finish.


Any game that lets you play as John F. Kennedy, Fidel Castro and Richard Nixon deserves praise.

Mob of the Dead

From the moment the opening cutscene begins, you can tell right away that Treyarch has perfectly captured the noir gangster-style atmosphere with Mob of the Dead.


The Ascension earns its place on this list as a map that isn't afraid to try new things.

Call of the Dead

The entirety of Black Ops is littered with legendary acting talent, but Treyarch took it a step further with Call of the Dead.

Kino der Toten

Kino has come under criticism in the past for being too easygoing, but the sense of empowerment it offers to players represents a large part of its appeal.

Nacht der Untoten

This is where it all began. Disguised as a stunning mini-game that was unlocked after players complete the World at War main campaign, Nacht Der Untoten is zombies in their purest form.


Presented as the climax to the classic zombies story arc, Origins is a grand and operatic finale to Black Ops II's slate of zombie maps.

Der Riese

There's a reason Treyarch has reimagined Der Rees twice since its original debut in World War 

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