Top 10 Call of Duty Multiplayer Maps

Summit (Call of Duty: Black Ops)

While many of the maps on this list flowed in a relatively similar rhythm, the maps in Treyarch's Black Ops seemed most memorable when they had hot spots.

Firing Range 

It's ironic that the most firing-range part of the map never featured any action, but the kill zone was all wrapped around incredibly playable architecture.


Damn skidro is great. When a map opens, you run the risk of turning into a bunch of match idiots until the reticules turn red.


What's so great about this map is how organic the whole thing feels. It flows smoothly, yet feels like nothing but a platform to shoot things.


This map felt like a true battlefield. The single-player campaign—a night-time scene in an open swamp filled with fire-soaked vehicles—served to best emulate a spooky, war-torn environment.


*shudder* This map always scared me. The dilapidated buildings, the gray sky, and the shadowy trains were all just engulfed in flames.


What about overgrowth besides I love it more than my mom? OK that's not true.


This map is different because it has something for everyone. For those who witness the horrors displayed in the eyes of their shotgun victims, there's an entire village out there.


Originally designed for the first Call of Duty based on the mission "Brecourt Manor Invasion", which is interesting.