Top 10 best Call Of Duty Missions

The Call of Duty 4 mission All Guild Up is widely regarded as one of the best campaign missions in the history of the series, and for good reason.

All Ghillied Up (Call of Duty 4)

The cliffhanger in Modern Warfare 2 begins with players scaling a frozen rock. After reaching the top, it becomes a stealth mission, as players slay their way through a complex full of heavily armed enemy combatants.

Cliffhanger (Modern Warfare 2)

The campaign in Black Ops III is mostly nonsensical, but it has one of the craziest missions in the franchise.

Demon Within (Black Ops III)

Dust to Dust is the mission that wraps up the Modern Warfare saga, featuring the epic final showdown between Captain Price and series antagonist Vladimir Makarov.

Dust to Dust (Modern Warfare 3)

None of the most shocking moments of Call of Duty is the Russian host. In this brief but disturbing level.

No Russian (Modern Warfare 2)

Even before No Russian, the Call of Duty series was no stranger to shocking moments. Truly, one of the game's most memorable.

Shock and Awe (Call of Duty 4)

Before it jumped into a modern warfare setting, the Call of Duty series had its roots firmly established in real-world historical conflicts.

The Battle of Pointe du Hoc (Call of Duty 2)

In Black Ops II, players are allowed to control a villain for a short time in Mission Time and Fate.

Time and Fate (Black Ops II)

Vengeance Mission in Call of Duty: World War I introduces players to Viktor Reznov, a veteran war veteran with a penchant for covert sniping operations.

Vendetta (World at War)

Reznov revives in Call of Duty: Black Ops Mission Vorkuta, where he teams up with protagonist Alex Mason to escape a Russian labor camp.

Vorkuta (Black Ops)